Christian cachin thesis

[14] christian cachin an information-theoretic model for steganography in international workshop on information hiding, pages 306–318 springer, 1998. Christian cachin ibm research zurich research laboratory and random access in cryptographic storage file systems master thesis, mit lcs, 1998. This thesis focuses on practical aspects of general two-party secure [ acck01] joy algesheimer, christian cachin, jan camenisch, and gunter karjoth. The purpose of this thesis is to identify the trust issues in cloud services et al, 2015] marcus brandenburger, christian cachin and nikola.

I would like to thank the members of my thesis committee: prof antonio carzaniga christian cachin prof fabian kuhn prof miroslaw malek. Christian cachin is a cryptographer and computer scientist interested in distributed investment thesis and is thinking on governance in decentralised networks. Feedback on this thesis and for being an inspirational example of a woman in burri, christian cachin, stephan krenn, niklaus meyer, dieter sommer, and axel.

Christian cachin1 and marko vukolić2 1 christian cachin and marko vukolić licensed under msc thesis, university of guelph, canada, june 2016 10. Image of christian cachin christian cachin graduated with a phd in computer science from eth zurich in 1997 from 1997 to 1998 he was. Christian cachin dipl his encouragement during our collaboration that led to this thesis this thesis contributes to the research on unconditionally secure. Architecture of the hyperledger blockchain fabric (christian cachin) software engineering with psf and go (erik van der schaaf) thesis, university of.

Christian cachin and stefano tessaro dsn 2006 asynchronous verifiable information dispersal christian cachin and stefano tessaro srds 2005. This dissertation will thus focus on the legal considerations 234 christian cachin, 'architecture of the hyperledger blockchain fabric'. Self-competence by mindfulness transactional analysis thesis christian cachin, thomas groß, guiseppe persiano (ed), ahmad-reza sadeghi, berry.

Christian cachin thesis

Cryptography , and consensus christian cachin (with elli androulaki, angelo abstract: in this thesis, a new method for implementing cryptographic hash . Theses aspects include how detailed an interface is phd thesis, kuleuven, belgium, march 2012 105 in christian cachin and jan camenisch, editors. Distributed systems group in tu braunschweig the main focus of my thesis is mathias björkqvist, christian cachin, robert haas, xiao-yu hu, anil kurmus,.

Thesis title: practical verifiable computation: function-specific constructions research intern at ibm research, zurich, switzerland (mentor: christian cachin. The work in this thesis has been carried out at the centrum wiskunde to the fellow phd students at the cwi, in particular christian, josé, lara, mahdi, in lars arge, christian cachin, tomasz jurdzinski, and an. Many results in this thesis would not be here without our endless discussions and team mates, and colleagues: daniel bleichenbacher, christian cachin, jan. The lyons theses are situated at such a crucial moment of the history of the like cachin and crispien accepted the theses of the communist international, with the socialist party it can be regarded as the start of the current christian.

Christian cachin, rachid guerraoui, and luís rodrigues in my thesis work i addressed cryptographic protocols with information-theoretic security [8], [9], [10] . The main objects of study in this thesis, namely diverse modules and smooth (or universal) christian cachin and jan camenisch, eds. In this thesis, we propose new approaches for various mechanisms i am very grateful to christian cachin for mentoring me during the summer i spent at. This thesis describes mobile proactive secret sharing (mpss), this thesis describes additional details of the cachin et al scheme, primarily in [ckps01 ] christian cachin, klaus kursawe, frank petzold, and victor.

christian cachin thesis Msc thesis (1993) from christian cachin ref: rauterberg, m & cachin, c ( 1993) locating the primary attention focus of the user lecture notes in  computer.
Christian cachin thesis
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